The Book of Revelation Chapters 4 to 7

A brief personal perspective 

The symbolism in Revelation 4 appears to reinforce God as creator of all things, worthy of praise and worship by all God's people (represented by the 24 elders and four powerful living creatures). As such, it reinforces the majesty of God and reminds readers of their continuing need to pay Him homage.

In Revelation 5, Jesus Christ is clearly symbolised as being also worthy of obeisance, plus he is depicted as the one who can unlock and make known God's nature and designs, a clear affirmation to readers that Jesus is the manifestation of God and the true path to Him.

Revelation 6 reveals God's doings and the fact that He is the omnipotent controlling force, setting the parameters and knowing all things. Of particular encouragement to the original readers are 6.9-11 dealing with those killed for remaining faithful to and proclaiming God's word. Their anger is voiced: they are told to rest and wait for other martyrs to follow but that a day of judgement is coming when justice will be dispensed.

Revelation 7 seems to speak of a seal of ownership; the true mark of being a disciple of the Lord. The implication is that these people will be saved, with a great multitude from every nation who have remained steadfast in Jesus' name through persecution. Perhaps the latter group are those drawn to Christ by the former but, in any event, the passage gives tremendous hope for all followers of Jesus as he brings them to God, who will wipe away every tear.

Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire April 2016