Psalm Two

(A Psalm of Lament)

My God, I know that you hear my prayer

You do not ignore my petition.


Mercy and compassion flow from you

Your actions are just and inspiring.


You reach out and touch the hearts of mortals

And have power to change lives


Proffering guidance, direction and meaning

A pathway to righteousness and fulfilment.


Look down upon this nation, O Lord

See how your people have turned their backs on you


Casting you away without a second thought

Your name comes to their lips only when swearing.


Knowledge of your ways is utterly absent

Unconcerned self gain the only motivation.


How can nothing about your glory enter their existence

With lives bereft of all Godly understanding and salvation?


Make known to them your living presence, O Lord

Enter into their souls and bring the succour they know not is wanting.


Show them the errors of their ways

How far from your path they have strayed.


Call and bring them within your fold

Let your redeeming love embrace each one.


For they are your children

Only you can set them aright.


You alone, Lord, can instil thirst for your word

And hunger to walk alongside your splendour in piety.


Without you there can be neither spark

Nor spirit to fan the flame into a fire of fervent devotion.


Hear my plea, O God and restore your nation

But for you the darkness will overcome.


I will rejoice in your transforming acts

And be a beacon to shine forth your message of hope.


An example to the faithless

A mirror to reflect your radiance.


I will redouble my efforts to serve you

To sing your praises for ever.


For I know your desires are not those of the profane

And that you yearn for the lost to find you.


So shall your kingdom be rebuilt

Your glory again shining throughout this land.

Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire April 2016