Psalm Three

(A Community Psalm of Thanksgiving)

Let us give thanks for this holy place

Rejoicing in its very essence and continuity.


Come to God's dwelling in awe and wonder

With one voice acclaim this as the Lord's house.


We need this place apart

This locus for union and reconciliation


For you watch us, Lord, as we err and stray in our lives

Prioritising earthly values


Stopping our ears to your teachings

And deaf to the cries of our fellows.


You see us pursuing paths of indifference

And dealing in worldly prizes.


Yet here we can return to you, O Lord

And encounter your awesome mystery


You speak to us through the fabric of this sacred space

Your veil thins in the stillness.


The builders of old expressed your majesty

Your glory shines forth in their works


Every embellishment points to you

And fires our inspiration and belief


The air is heavy with centuries of prayer

The atmosphere is charged with your presence.


Here we kneel to receive your healing touch

Our oblations ascend to you in sweet unison


To address you as our master

Our succour, guide and prospect.


So we turn back to you in this house of worship

We plea for forgiveness for our failings


We praise you for your loving wisdom and generous understanding

We honour your greatness and dominion.


May this hallowed church stand forever

As a proclamation of your love and omniscience.

Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire April 2016