Psalm One

(God's power to bring good out of every situation)

Gather as one to praise God

With a single voice triumph His glorious name.


Bow down in worship and reverence

Give thanks for His power and tremendous deeds.


Joyfully proclaim His message of hope and salvation

Tell your children of His love.


Sing to the Lord hymns of resonance

Make sweet music from your gladdened heart.


For the Lord shows faithfulness to His people

He hears their cries of anguish.


Majestic in His dominion

Yet he does not despise the petitions of the just.


The strength of the Lord is limitless

Unfettered is His potency.


He engenders revelation and awesome love

Bringing forth the good out of the bad.


The Lord has reached down to be among us

Providing comfort and relief


Salvation and healing to those who believe

And sustenance to the weak and despairing.


His call heard first by few

Has spread to be shared by multitudes.


Imparting freedom and a purpose to excel

A loving watch the Lord maintains for ever.


Praise be to the Lord, who enfolds us in his mighty arms

And from wretchedness and danger lifts us high.

Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire March 2016