Psalm Four

(An Individual Lament)

You are ruler over all, O God

With power and authority to bring about change.


You welcome the prayers and petitions of mortals

Inviting our burdens to be hauled into your presence.


Therefore I cry out to you for assistance

I bring my many difficulties before you for alleviation.


Why is everything so troublesome? 

A constant stream of struggles pours down upon me.


I try to face the oncoming torrent

But am always driven back


Like a leaf in the teeth of a raging gale

There is no shelter or respite from the ongoing barrage.


My own efforts yield no progress or relief

The ever uphill battle threatens to engulf me.


Hopes of ever escaping the obstacles which overwhelm me

Are repeatedly dashed, never achieving fulfilment


Why do you not come to my aid, O God?

I prostrate myself in your vision


I plead to you for help

My entreaties ring out for your direct intervention.


Relieve this weighty oppression, Lord

Grant me the upper hand to move forward, to overcome the continual onslaught.


Flatten the hurdles which tower all around me

Eradicate the handicaps and hardships in my path.


For I obey all your commandments

I seek after justice and righteousness.


Your teachings I adhere to

My worship of you is unfettered.


Your holy word is ever upon my lips and in my heart

I seek out silence to hear you speaking to me.


You are a loving God

I will rejoice in your presence.


My whole being will laud your kingdom

My soul sings out in proclamation of your glory.


Because you alone, Lord, can fire transformation

Reaching down into the dark depths and extracting what is precious.


You care for your people with tenderheartedness

And will not reject those in need of support and strength.


You are ruler over all, O God

With power and authority to bring about change.

Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire May 2016