Our Glorious Monarch


(Written on the occasion of the 90th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II)


This poem was chosen by United Press in May 2016 for inclusion in a compilation of poetry called Our Glorious Monarch.


She was never expected to reign as our Queen 

In youth the throne had never beckoned

But an abdication and death unseen

Saw Lilibet crowned Elizabeth the Second


What great trepidations she must have been feeling 

At that time in 1952 

But with grace and poise she carried herself 

Both back on that great day and in her whole life through 


An example of obedience and service

Unequalled in any other reign

But if someone who meets her is nervous

With a smile and a chat all fright, by her, is slain 


Such a manifestly compassionate nature

Yet clearly a sovereign in our midst

Able to deal with the legislature

And heads of state with whom she has to coexist


At ease when at prayer sitting under the steeple

Religion she refuses to shun

Revered by the world; loved by all people

Our Queen: an inspiration for everyone


Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire May 2016