Miracles Beyond


This poem was chosen by United Press in April 2016 for inclusion in a book of religious poetry called Aspects of Faith.


Countless thousands of vehicles

speed the motorway every day

Their drivers all missing the miracles

taking place just over the way


For beyond lie England ís churches

Stable, stately, serene

One nestled here next the birches

There one by the village green


Built by true believers

When life was hard and short

Visited now by grievers

and seekers of Godly support


And those who would like to be married

before family, friends and God

Those who are overly worried

And those who love Aaronís rod


The faithful attending on Sunday

and at services during the week

Gathered together happy to pray

Partaking in something unique


There are miracles happening daily

Renewals, release and relief

All thanks to that blessed Israeli

Who expunges our disbelief.


© Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire March 2016