A letter to CR July 2021

I am appalled by Fr Nicolas's video, released today on Facebook and YouTube. It contains gross inaccuracies, complete falsehoods and a blatant appeal for political activism.

First and foremost - as I keep trying to tell you - THERE IS NO CLIMATE “CATASTROPHE” OR CRISIS whatsoever. Please see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/680720179063150 for a single portal bringing together supporting evidence. 

Relating in this video the discovery of oil to people turning violent and referring to overfishing by “wealthy” nations has nothing whatsoever to do with real or imagined climate change and it is completely disingenuous to include such statements in a video ostensibly dealing with the climate.

It is a scientific fact that the climate on earth always has and always will change. Please see Graphic 1 below. Not one peer-reviewed scientific paper has EVER concluded that changes in the climate have been brought about by mankind’s activities.

Graphic 1

Contrary to what Fr Nicolas says, large parts of the world and large numbers of people are NOT being affected by climate change/catastrophe. Graphic 2 below shows the year in which the highest temperatures were recorded and it can be clearly seen that the highest temperature recorded in Africa happened 90 YEARS AGO.

Graphic 2

Fr Nicolas talks about droughts and crop failures not happening in the past but this is manifest nonsense, given how the earth’s climate has changed quite naturally over millennia. The "Great Drought" 144 years ago and subsequent Global Famine between 1875 and 1878 ravaged India, China and parts of Africa and South America and killed an estimated 50 Million people - twice the population of Australia. Please see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/680720179063150/posts/1131497337318763.

Fr Nicolas says good farmland is turning into desert, resulting in refugees. In TRUTH, the exact OPPOSITE is happening. As the earth slowly recovers from record low levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is beginning to green. In fact, the world is 10% greener so far this century. This is especially good news because this means greater crop production area, increased crop yields and expansion of forests and grasslands. The Sahara Desert is becoming smaller as a result. A 2018 study by Venter et al found the Sahara Desert had shrunk in area by 8% over the previous three decades. This is profound because the Sahara covers a vast area of some 9.2 million square kilometres. That translates to more than 700,000 square kilometres which have become green. Please see:  https://co2coalition.org/2021/03/24/nasa-data-world-is-10-greener-so-far-this-century-thanks-to-co2/?fbclid=IwAR3INmJpx0-JPNnfiT_zcRqCS9NDlXzGAzKmBBZXeR3GIh8788qCG0I4DMU

Fr Nicolas says islands in the pacific are being swamped by the sea but, again, the exact opposite is true: please see: https://climatechangedispatch.com/new-climate-report-islands-not-losing-land-people-to-sea-level-rise/?fbclid=IwAR0WmfJLOvg1_xUxJ7w066CC_vvrOo-gpvbBa8N758dzaBM-naVRwGecYOM 

Fr Nicolas says: “Everything is warming up” but, again, this is simply NOT TRUE; please see Graphic 3 below. In REALITY, global temperatures now back to the levels seen 20 years ago.

Graphic 3

Fr Nicolas says “the Antarctic is melting” but, again, he is completely wrong. The Antarctic has recently been recording some of the coldest temperatures it has ever witnessed. Indeed, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is on the increase and is actually riding above the 1979-1990 average. Please see: https://electroverse.net/antarctica-plunges-to-81-7c-115f/?fbclid=IwAR0jizgQC3Wz2ezV4vCuF3O5hBnejl2vWs8T2lk6W63IqSrQbHI5vX3jy94.

Fr Nicolas says "sea levels are rising" but what he fails to say is that SEA LEVELS HAVE BEEN RISING SINCE THE END OF THE LAST ICE AGE. The important thing is, the RATE of sea level rise has NOT accelerated, in fact it has markedly reduced - see Graphic 4 below. Fr Nicolas seems determined to suggest that the most recent miniscule rise in sea level - at about the width of a fingernail per year - is man made. This is patently absurd.

Graphic 4

In fact, in many places, sea level has been falling, not least in Greta Thunberg's home country of Sweden - see Graphic 5 below.

Graphic 5

Fr Nicolas, without disguise, is advocating green policies and “green action” but it is these very policies and action which will threaten the world’s most vulnerable individuals and countries - the very peoples Fr Nicolas says we should be caring for. Please see:




The primary charitable purposes of the Community of the Resurrection are the advancement of religion and the advancement of religious education, not the advancement of regurgitated scaremongering, completely unscientific FALSE nonsense and the proclamation of political activism. Accordingly, I most strongly urge you immediately to DELETE this video - and all like it - from all visible channels.

Thank you.