The Supremacy of the Son of God


This poem is based on the words in Paul's Epistle to the Colossians, Chapter 1 verses 15 to 20 (believed to be an early Christian hymn). I have endeavoured to retain the message behind the words when constructing this rhyme.


The Son is the image

of God invisible

The firstborn over

creation indivisible


For in Him all things

were ever created

in heaven and earth

each differentiated


Whether seen or unseen

Thrones or powers

Rulers or dominions:

Everything is ours


All things created

Through and for Him

He is before

Absolutely everything


In Him do all things

hold together tied

as head of the body;

that is the church worldwide


He is the beginning

Firstborn from the dead

So that in everything

He is undisputed head


For God was pleased

to have all this fullness

dwell in him

for blessed assuredness


And through Him reconciles

To Himself all things

Whether on this earth or riding

in heaven on outstretched wings


The se things all effected

for our profit; yet His loss

because He made peace

through His blood shed on the cross.


Richard Farquharson, Maulden, Bedfordshire March 2017